CompreXX: World's Easiest Compression/ZIP Software!

Magically browse archives like folders without extracting
Create and extract ZIP - and also RAR, ACE, SIT, CAB
Use 7ZIP technology for the smallest archives possible
256-bit AES encryption technology for ultimate security
Plug-in based - support more archives with add-ons


If you have ever been confused by archives, CompreXX is for you. Archives magically work like folders once CompreXX is installed: no new program opens when you double-click an archive. Instead Explorer goes right into it, just like browsing into a subfolder. Once inside your virtual archive folder, you can use copy/paste, drag/drop, double-clicks and any other Explorer tricks to work with compressed documents, without ever realizing you are inside an archive. For advanced compression chores, the Archive Tasks pane conveniently offers hyperlinks to standard archive operations such as Anti-Virus, Install, Check-Out, Convert, Create Self Extracting, and more.

The Internet features an ever growing number of archive types. Each type requires a separate program to open it, bringing along its learning curve. Moreover, it is confusing to determine which type to use for your own archiving needs. CompreXX takes the complexity out of working with the ever increasing number of archive types. Not only can it create 29 and extract 48 archive types, but it is easily extensible - just install plug-ins to add support for more archives. CompreXX even comes with a Compression Sampler tool, which tests each archive type for the speed and size of its compression algorithm all automatically.

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