InstallAware Open Sources AGPT

Run Windows software on macOS 100% free!

Download for an Apple Notarized, single-click install.

Fork code at and build it with brand-new InstallAware Multi Platform, 24 months in the making:

o (Un)install requirements: Remove Homebrew for Apple Silicon, add Homebrew (for Rosetta), tap Apple and install Wine.

o Mount local DMGs: Then copy files from the Apple Game Porting Toolkit to accelerate DirectX 12 games running on Apple Silicon.

o Silently install local PKGs: There’s literally no other way to get the Xcode Command Line Tools running on macOS Sonoma beta!

o Sudo elevate, install, and run arbitrary (Windows) software: Invoke sudo from user mode, pass parameters to launched apps.

o Notarized, native code: Gatekeeper compliance free from security interference. 100% dependency/Java-free, rock-solid binaries.

InstallAware Multi Platform enables Windows game developers recompile their MSI setups for macOS in a single click!

Rebuild any existing Windows MSI you may have for macOS and Linux, in a single click!

The future of software installation on macOS, Linux, and Windows has arrived.

Build 16X Faster With New InstallAware X16

The date is almost here! Get ready for InstallAware X16 with the industry’s fastest build engine:

– Parallel Engine: Achieve sixteen-fold acceleration on readily available consumer hardware in our X16th version 🙂

– Build Affinities: Use high performance cores instead of “power saving” cores, which drain more total power anyways!

– New Runtimes: The best releases of .NET 7, .NET Framework 4.8.1, SQL Server 2022, and Visual C++ all inside the box.

– macOS: Single-click recompiles producing native code for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, with Apple Notarization.

– Linux: Pixel-perfect custom dialog reproduction and faithful script execution with native GTK2 and Qt5 widget kits.

NEW! InstallAware X16

After 18 months of research and development, InstallAware X16 is finally launching on Friday, August 11th 2023!

o Parallel Web Builds: Compress weblocks simultaneously, leverage modern CPUs to accelerate Web builds tenfold or more.

o Multi Platform Technology: Recompile your existing setups for macOS & Linux from the same sources you have today!

o Updated Runtimes: .NET 7.0.9, 6.0.20, 5.0.17; SQL Server 2022; .NET FX 4.8.1; and the latest versions of VC++.

o Native Engine Functions: Easily query for arbitrary existing installations using Is Native Setup Installed.

Visually link dialog controls to your script variables – and watch them render pixel-perfect on macOS and Linux!

InstallAware Multi Platform RC 0

InstallAware Multi Platform Release Candidate 0 is now available for immediate download:

– Web Updates: The proving grounds for this latest release, new web update script and dialogs have given the setup engine a brutal shakedown! Added to your project with a single click. Platforms are matched to updates without manual coding. Editing the script is super easy for introducing additional match filters (such as language), or just to customize the whole business logic and user experience.

– New IDE Designers: Experience the simplicity of our web update implementation – define your Update Packs and associate them with your Versions already out in the field. Set Access Control on file system objects, define File Associations to register your apps as extension handlers, manipulate Local Files and edit INI Files, access your most vital Project Properties from one place.

– 100 Commands: New looping constructs, string manipulation, and system information commands. While building our web updates we also refined our existing commands – stuff that took multiple commands now takes just one (ex: Run Program finding macOS app bundle launch targets). Intelligent cross-platform command parameter adapations recompile your existing Windows setups for macOS and Linux in one click.

– Ready for Prime Time: A wealth of Single Click, User Mode, User Feedback, Online Authentication, Media Autorun, and Multi-Lingual demos (again with their corresponding engine shakedowns). Updated setup themes for cross-platform compatibility. Take whatever is closest to what you want to build – or start tabula rasa with a fully empty script.

InstallAware Multi Beta 4

InstallAware‘s Q2 update for Multi Platform is now available for immediate download at for free:

– Quick Start: Just point it to your app folder, check your entry point binaries, and instantly render a customizable setup project.

– IDE Toolbar: Those big bold buttons are the guideposts on your InstallAware journey – instantly locate your output folders, for example.

– Engine Tweaks: Your invaluable feedback has resolved countless performance and stability issues in the setup engine (to say nothing of the IDE).

– UX Enhancements: From improved font legibility to unified dialog names across setup projects and dialog themes, it’s all finally coming together here!

InstallAware Multi Beta 3

2023’s first drop of InstallAware Multi for macOS, Linux, and Windows has arrived – download beta 3 at today!

– Localization:
In-engine multi-lingual awareness, coupled with the Localization Wizard and the third-party redistributable stand-alone Translator app (letting you share localizable assets without giving your IP away).

– Visual IDE: It’s finally here! Graphically design your Features, Files, Dialogs, Shortcuts, Run Programs, Web Media Blocks, and Script Analytics – while the IDE automagically generates underlying code for you!

– ARM Architecture: Official support for macOS and Linux ARM builds, out-of-the-box! Plus, platform defines which let you broadly (or precisely) identify whether you’re running on the AARCH64 platform.

– New Project Dialog:
From Template creation (isolate shared references [such as Include Scripts], converting projects into reusable assets) to new Sample Projects, it’s all making its way here.

InstallAware Multi is 100% dependency-free (no Java), native-code (for all operating systems), with support for advanced features such as silent installs out-of-the-box.

Only InstallAware Multi features 100% customizable setup dialogs with a 100% customizable setup script – letting you get the job done in record time.

Are you working on an open source project? InstallAware Multi is built with Lazarus, and we’re giving free licenses for all open source efforts!

Turkiye Earthquake Relief Donations

As you may have already heard, Turkiye has been hit hard by two earthquakes in rapid succession – in magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.6.

These off-the-charts tectonic events have spelled utter disaster for a region already stressed to the brim.

While tens of thousands have been killed, there’s many survivors in urgent need of relief:

Please feel free to donate to any relief fund of your choosing – we encourage you doing your own research.

No matter which fund you donate to, please send us your donation receipts, and take any InstallAware product of equal value.

It’s the least we can do to help the survivors of one of the worst natural disasters to have hit the region in the last two millennia.

InstallAware 22H2 Paired With Multi

InstallAware 22H2 is now paired with a ground breaking cross-platform IDE called InstallAware Multi:

o A brand-new, single-edition offering from InstallAware including groundbreaking PackageAware Setup Capture for macOS and Linux.

o Compile your existing projects for macOS and Linux, including code signing and notarization with fully automated command line builds.

o Virtually identical script forms and dialog controls. Load all existing scripts and dialogs – accurate down to the pixel – and recompile.

o The Multi Platform script editor and Dialog Designer are included, so you get to enjoy them even if your edition doesn’t have them for Windows!

o Fully native setups with 100% customizable script and GUI for macOS and Linux. Build your PKG, DEB, and RPM bundles in an easy to use integrated setup.

Download Multi beta 2 immediately and get your hands dirty!

InstallAware MultiPlatform Beta 2 Has Landed

As promised, with all of the core development out of the way; Multi Platform development is finally picking up pace:

o Setup Capture: Enjoy PackageAware Multi Platform, the first-ever application repackager for macOS and Linux!

Discover changes made by any process – or any package/setup for that matter – to macOS and Linux.

Emit wildcards for newly created folders – a feature currently lacking even in its original Windows incarnation.

– Leverage its multi-core engine, using all of your available CPU cores for the fastest possible snapshot comparisons.

o InstallAware Import: Directly load all of your existing setup projects into InstallAware Multi Platform!

– Unsupported script commands are commented out with meaningful labels, helping you piece together the missing bits.

– Commands such as Install Files are automatically updated to use Multi Platform style path delimiters.

Even your dialogs are ported through – with intelligently replaced controls where necessary.

– Generate ready to build, complete setups with all your Include Scripts intact.

o New Commands: Featuring Create Link, the first ever Multi Platform exclusive, for hard and symlink creation.

o IDE Updates: Including new Code Folding and fully unlimited script editor Undo/Redo, among a plethora of other ports.

o Scaling and Stability: We’ve given the entire toolchain a massive pounding, with the subsequent hardening!

macOS Ventura is now fully supported with signed (and notarized) app deployments for both Intel and M1/M2 Macs.

– The GUI Self-Extractor for Linux completes our platform specific feature roundup in this beta cycle.

– Powered by the new PackageAware and InstallAware Import, now it’s your turn to put Multi Platform through its paces.

Upgrade any existing package (or setup) with PackageAware, rebuild any existing project with InstallAware Import!

InstallAware 22H2 Shipping on Friday This Week

The next big update for InstallAware is almost here, landing on Friday this week!

o Windows 22H2: Official support is here for both Windows 10’s latest and Windows 11’s first major version upgrades, as dubbed by Microsoft.

o Windows Features: Definitions and dependencies have been fully updated for i386, AMD64, and AARCH64 architectures on Windows 10 and Windows 11 22H2.

o ASLR & DEP Security: Additional mitigation to ensure your setups are as reliable as possible and equally safe from attacks – critical in this day and age!

o Up to 50% Faster Builds: Reap the benefits of our cross platform labors trickling down to Windows, even if you haven’t yet upgraded to InstallAware Multi Platform.