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InstallAware Customer Testimonials

David Ridgway

We recently began evaluating InstallAware as a replacement for our current install tools. I have always been hesitant to use MSI as part of our installs for many reasons, such as the installer run-time requirements, size of the install, and the complexity of the scripting. After spending a very short time with InstallAware, all 3 concerns vanished! The run-times are neatly packaged into the final install...great compression routines mean the install size is still kept to a good size for downloading...and the easy to use IDE means you don't actually have to look at the script! Being able to see it and make small adjustments is a great benefit, and overall the whole system feels very well thought out, and makes life easier for the developer. The web downloadable packages are an excellent feature, as is the ability to customise every single dialog in the install process! It means we can brand our products, and customise the installer interface to suit our needs - and it can all be done with a visual editor. We thoroughly recommend InstallAware for all developers who want to make their life easier when developing installers!

Jim Gunkel

InstallAware is the best MSI based installer available at this time. It will quickly handle small jobs but will grow to meet the more complex requirements of larger jobs. The two-way wizards that are new in InstallAware 3 make it very easy to use for any experience level. However, as software developers we really like the ability to drop down to the InstallAware scripting level which is still quite easy to use yet flexible enough for our complex tasks. Most MSI based installers that we looked at were difficult to use because of a lack of ability to drop down to a scripting style model and were expensive to boot. This is something that we've grown accustomed to with using non-MSI based installers in the past. However, our applications that are released today and in the future are dependent upon new Microsoft technologies such as the .NET framework, MDAC and many others. It's nice to have the benefits of an MSI based installer to make sure these pieces are installed while still providing enough power and flexibility to complete the main job of installing our product. We are really looking forward to using the InstallAware web module feature with our future installers to reduce the download size requirements for our users. We're used to downloading hundreds of megabytes for some applications and have the bandwidth to do so, but many of our customers are located all around the world and many are also still on dialup. For those users trimming off even a few megabytes makes a big difference to the download time and the overall installation experience.

Jeremy North

InstallAware allows me to quickly make MSI compatible installations for my products. With the ability to customise screens, choose one of the include GUI themes (there are several available) and even write my own plugins for further functionality it has enough features to keep all of my needs satisfied. The use of superior compression allows my installations to include the .Net framework and only add around 11MB to the installation. Not the 20MB for the download from Microsoft. I suggest you download the trial and try it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Chris Hoffman

InstallAware is a one-of-a-kind product. I searched high and low for a solution to provide the ability to download and install runtimes from the Internet only if they are needed. InstallAware was the only program I could find that offered this for all the runtimes needed. Add to that the dialog editing/customization, and all the other great features, InstallAware is the best solution available to my knowledge, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solution.

Andrew Neillans

A first class Installer using the Microsoft Windows Installer Engine. You are not limited to standard MSI actions; you can even author your own plugins. Combined with an extensive selection of pre-built themed installers, or even the option to totally construct your own, this makes InstallAware one of the most flexible packages out in the market today. Only one suggestion; download the trial today :)

George Karatsiolis

We were looking for weeks to find the ideal software installation system for our needs. We had many options, from freeware to expensive and "professional" solutions. At last, we finally selected InstallAware. A professional software installation system in an affordable price. InstallAware has all those big installation system features plus many more. Very easy to use and understand IDE, excellent customized dialogs, themes (we love that Windows XP installation theme), plugins, etc. Also, the company provides excellent support, very fast and efficient.

Mert Eken

It's one of the best install programs that I could find. After testing 6 different install programs, I chose InstallAware and I am really happy with it. Its very simple to use and also you can do everything you want with plugins, when the option is not included in the base product. But the best thing is the support. So far I have had two questions, and for both an answer came in 15 minutes. So just use it!

David Clegg

I'm continually impressed by the depth of power that InstallAware offers me. I know absolutely nothing about creating Windows MSI based installers, but with InstallAware I don't need to. It's easy to quickly get up and running with InstallAware, but there is so much more to explore once you start getting more adventurous with your scripts. And the support for custom dialogs is truly awesome!

Troy Wolbrink

InstallAware has enabled me to fully support Windows Installer, yet remain in full control of what's going on. InstallAware's Web Media Blocks help to ensure that my customers only download what's necessary, and the excellent compression ensures that it's small as possible. I take quality very seriously, and I've been impressed with what I've seen. If you're looking to improve the way you deploy your application, I think you should give InstallAware a serious look.

Jon Person

Your claim of installations taking one-third the time of other products is entirely true! I was scrambling this past weekend because InstallShield Express X is still rife with bugs, has lousy support, and takes forever to build MSI packages. I tried moving to a home-grown setup program using Microsoft's ClickOnce technology, but apparently this technology is still new and about 40% of my customers encountered problems that kept the setup program from running. As of last Friday, all of my installations were failing. I went to to look for an alternative and found InstallAware. After about three hours of trying InstallAware Studio 5, I was able to completely rebuild an installation... and it worked! The ability to customize dialogs was very helpful. My favorite feature of InstallAware, however, is this: I need to publish several installations which are quite similar. I was able to copy-and-paste the script from one setup to another, then search-and-replace a few key variables, and it was done! This is such a relief and so convenient to use, I really enjoyed the fact I'll never have to use InstallShield again. Furthermore, my build tool (FinalBuilder 4) already had an InstallAware build task, so the new installations snapped right in to my one-keypress build system. Thank you VERY MUCH for providing such an excellent, well-written product. Your software has rescued me, in a single weekend, from a nightmarish installation problem. I can now rest very easy thanks to your hard work.