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DiskZIP is the natural evolution of more than two decades of data compression expertise at InstallAware, now in the service of not only software developers, but PC users everywhere!

Technical Details


  • All your data is preserved in the form your disk was last compressed using DiskZIP Offline.
  • Retains all installed applications and operating system settings, in addition to user files.
  • Offers one-click System Refresh to recover from any misconfiguration, harmful updates, or malware.
  • Manual recovery is possible for all data in the event System Refresh cannot be automatically invoked.
  • Any changes made to your disk since the last compression pass using DiskZIP Offline are NOT protected.
  • Compressing your disk using DiskZIP Offline after a malware infection does NOT offer any protection against undesirable behavior.
  • Compressing your disk using DiskZIP Online or DiskZIP Max does NOT offer any data protection.


  • Store more data on your disk with patented (U.S. 10,911,065) transparent disk compression technology.
  • Retain full access to all your on-disk data instantly, without ever requiring an Internet connection.
  • Keeping your data off the cloud ensures full protection against online hacks of service providers.
  • Any risk of local hacks are not mitigated and may still impact your privacy.
  • Access to compressed data is fully transparent to all applications and the operating system.
  • Disk imaging and anti-virus technologies compatible with WIMBOOT technology are fully supported.
  • Five levels of data compression are available to maximize space or minimize compression time.


  • Fully supports traditional HDDs, SSDs, and even RAID arrays.
  • No special drivers or boot processes or external disks are mandatory at any time.
  • You may uncompress your disk at any time.
  • Uninstalling the software will not break the operating system or lose your access to compressed data.
  • Exclude folders from compression using DiskZIP Offline.
  • Exclude file types from compression using DiskZIP Online.
  • Easily clone your disks (or backup/restore them) using DiskZIP Offline and your compressed disk image file.

Trial Version Specifications:

  • The trial expires in 14 days and must be licensed for continuing use.
  • The file compression stack never expires and may be used indefinitely.
  • Disk compression, recompression, or uncompression becomes unavailable after 14 days.
  • All data and apps and files on a compressed disk remain fully accessible even after 14 days.
  • Disk remains fully accessible even if product is uninstalled during trial while disk is in a compressed state.

Contains Free Software:

  • Includes a fully unlimited, traditional file compression stack, which never expires.
  • The free file compression stack offers WinZip compatible JPEG and audio compression.
  • The free file compression stack also includes 7-Zip compatible advanced data compression.
  • Browse inside 100 archive types as regular folders in Windows File Explorer and work normally.