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Free Downloads for InstallAware X16

The Freeware, Express, Developer, Studio, and Studio Admin editions are all contained inside the same free download. You choose the InstallAware edition to install directly in the setup wizard. Please note that Visual Studio is required for the freeware edition. Freeware features may be accessed inside Visual Studio at any time after installation. If at any time you would like to change your edition, you do not need to re-download anything. Just uninstall, then run setup again from where you last downloaded it to.

Due to the large number of 32 bit and 64 bit application runtimes that ship with InstallAware, the single file download is quite large.

Choose the web based download for a smaller package that does not contain any application runtimes. The web based download will not require an Internet connection for a minimum installation. It can also save any downloaded files from the web, so that full future re-installations will again not require an Internet connection. It will automatically resume any interrupted downloads while you are away from your desk, so you can start it and forget it, resting assured of a successful installation.

Web Based Download: 74.1 MB - 4.67 GB (MD5: 103ead23510da7e8f96f5db5960b8d3f)

  • The fastest way to start with InstallAware
  • Optional features downloaded from the Internet
  • Minimum setup works without an Internet connection
  • Setup automatically resumes interrupted web downloads

Single File Download: 3.97 GB (MD5: 4385428d9c8cc6d28e85e7c59ff783c2)

  • InstallAware for offline installations/backups
  • Contains all product features in a single file
  • An Internet connection is not required
  • Smallest cumulative download size

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Version: X16 (
Released to Manufacturing on: 2.13.2024