InstallAware Multi Platform 1.3.141

The future of software installation on Linux, macOS, and Windows has arrived.

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Native code IDE and toolchains for macOS, Linux, and Windows.
A single edition containg everything you need for all your platforms!

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GUI & Console Setups for Linux, macOS & Windows
All From a Single Source!

Beta 1 Accomplishments:

  • Native Binaries: Support Linux, macOS, and Windows with zero dependencies (no Java) - zero failures.
  • Single Source: A single setup script (and dialogs) that look & feel & work the same on each compiled target.
  • Code Signing with Notarization: macOS Gatekeeper friendly! Sign, notarize, and even staple while building.
  • Elevation: Official Linux/macOS/Windows privilege escalation channels (with corresponding folder paths).
  • Partial Web Deploy: Structure your setups into as many (shareable) online and offline segments as you like.
  • Tools & IDE: Command line builds, Dialog Designer, and even the script editor - just as you know & love them!
  • Core Commands: Install Files, Create Shortcut, Run Program, Compiler Variables; plus the visual debugger.
  • Native Engine: Registry-free state management, per-user/per-machine installs, runtime mutable features.
  • Instance Management: Local setup caching (maintenance without source), source resolution (network installs).
  • Custom Uninstalls: Bind to external setup logs for seamless old version removals/updates, nothing hard-coded.

Beta 3 Accomplishments:

  • Native ARM: macOS and Linux ARM builds for your built setups, the IDE, and the entire toolchain.
  • Localization: In-engine multi-lingual awareness, redistributable tool with asset isolation so your IP stays safe.
  • Templates: Promote any setup into your own generic template that gets added to the New Project dialog!
  • Samples: Showcasing the full richness of the script language, dialog controls, and everything that makes us great.
  • Visual Designers: Our trademark two-way integrated IDE generates code in the background as you work graphically.

Beta 4 Accomplishments:

  • Quick Start: Just point the wizard to your application folder, and let it create a fully fleshed out setup for you!
  • IDE Toolbar: Instant access to your commonly used operations - as well as setup build modes with output folders.
  • Stability: Substantial improvements to both the IDE's visual designers and the setup engine based on your great feedback.
  • Usability: From larger IDE fonts to unified dialog theme file names, a much improved, consistent user experience is now yours.
  • Qt5: Our first-ever Qt5 implementation is now shipping for Linux, with a native Qt5 IDE/toolchain, and of course your setup engine.

Release Candidate 1 Accomplishments:

  • Online Help: Just press F1 anywhere in the IDE for context sensitive documentation.
  • Fixed Icons: No more black borders or missing icons. Icons also implemented for File Associations.
  • Fixed Regressions: Compress 7Zip Archive, Check Disk Space, leftover .sh scripts on Linux after uninstalls.
  • IDE Enhancements: Horizontal scroll bars for the script editor, enhanced Variable Watches, platform specific keyboard shortcuts.
  • Engine Tuning: Resolving low-level issues reported by you from real-world testing out in the field - thank you so much for your invaluable feedback!

Release Candidate 2 Accomplishments:

  • Interactive Console Setup Engine: Render all your custom dialogs in 100% character mode, fully SSH/tty compatible. Build mixed mode setups, too.
  • Install on Any Linux OS: GUI setups fall back to the Console for 100% guaranteed Linux deliveries, in the event of missing widgetset dependencies.

Beta 2 Accomplishments:

  • Setup Capture: Enjoy PackageAware Multi Platform, the first-ever application repackager for macOS and Linux!
    • Discover changes made by any process - or any package/setup for that matter - to macOS and Linux.
    • Emit wildcards for newly created folders - a feature currently lacking even in its original Windows incarnation.
    • Leverage its multi-core engine, using all of your available CPU cores for the fastest possible snapshot comparisons.
  • InstallAware Import: Directly load all of your existing setup projects into InstallAware Multi Platform!
    • Unsupported script commands are commented out with meaningful labels, helping you piece together the missing bits.
    • Commands such as Install Files are automatically updated to use Multi Platform style path delimiters.
    • Even your dialogs are ported through - with intelligently replaced controls where necessary.
    • Generates ready to build, complete setups with all your Include Scripts intact.
  • New Commands: Featuring Create Link, the first ever Multi Platform exclusive, for hard and symlink creation.
  • IDE Updates: Including new Code Folding and fully unlimited script editor Undo/Redo, among a plethora of other ports.
  • Scaling and Stability: We've given the entire toolchain a massive pounding, with the subsequent hardening!
    • macOS Ventura is now fully supported with signed (and notarized) app deployments for both Intel and M1/M2 Macs.
    • The GUI Self-Extractor for Linux completes our platform specific feature roundup in this beta cycle.
    • Powered by the new PackageAware and InstallAware Import, now it's your turn to put InstallAware Multi Platform through its paces.

Release Candidate 0 Accomplishments:

    • 100 Built-In Setup Commands: Near-parity with InstallAware's MSIcode script.
      • Looping constructs, string manipulation, pre-defined variables, system information.
      • Commands with built-in uninstallation support, custom commands with manual uninstall.
      • Compile-time customization, runtime decision-making, built-in localization for specific command parameters.
      • Enhanced commands to handle underlying platform nuances in a single line, instead of multiple lines of conditionally branching platform-specific code.
    • Web Updates: Entirely built in InstallAware, open source and customizable!
      • Added to all existing projects with a single-click.
      • Pre-built dialogs display, select from, and install your available updates.
      • Automatic targeting to match active platforms without manual coding.
      • Easily customize the default update script to add additional targeting by language/bitness/widgetset/etc.
    • New Samples, Templates, and Themes: More of your favorites ported!
      • Empty scripts to full projects ready for customizing without scripting.
      • Single-Click, User Mode, User Feedback, Online Authentication, Media Autorun, and Multi-Lingual demos.
      • Import-time cross-platform adaptations for command parameters.
    • New Visual Designers: Project Properties, File Associations, INI Files, Access Control, Local Files, Update Packs, and Versions.
    • Qt5 for ARM on Linux: Native IDE/toolchain/setup engine for AARCH64 on Qt5, dependency-free.

Check out our open source Apple Game Porting Toolkit Installer for a great sample project which illustrates intermediate programming skills. Download the Apple Notarized AGPT Installer Binary for a single-click installer that helps you run any Windows application (including high performance 3D games) on Intel and Apple Silicon macOS devices for 100% free - just an example of what you can build!