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Version History


  • First version 1.0 service release.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling issue for capabilities.
  • Fixed outdated Identity/Name suggestion.
  • Fixed incorrect removal of folders when files in them were removed.
  • Fixed shortcut path double slashes.
  • Fixed the incorrect neutral processor architecture designation for X86 packages.
  • Fixed app resource validation errors for 310x150 and 310x310 assets.
  • Fixed the lack of ShortName parameter injection during AppManifest generation.
  • Project Explorer nodes are now fully expanded by default during IDE initialization.


  • Final version 1.0 release.


  • In some circumstances the "RunFullTrust" capability did not get included by default when building.
  • Added new warning messages (property checks and verifications) and error messages to the build process.
  • IDE clipboard shortcuts (CRTL+C\X\V) were ignored by edit box controls.
  • Fixed a problem with the minimum value allowed for the "Version" control in the Package Identity view of the IDE.
  • The IDE Capability view would not, in some circumstances, refresh itself.


  • New pre-defined system folders have been added to the system directory tree.
  • Custom Empty Folders are now included with virtual File System of the generated package.
  • In some circumstances, the source path of a file failed to resolve to an absolute path when a relative path was used.
  • During File | Edit, changes to the "Include Subfolders...." option was not applied.
  • Some files were not listed in the system directory tree.
  • Wildcard patterns used within a source path failed to resolve correctly.
  • Excluded wildcard patterns were not honored.
  • Updated the layout of the x64 Virtual File System Folders.
  • Digital signature errors now display the actual meaning of the error.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Added support for Windows 10 codename 19H1 (1903). This also includes MSIX modification package support for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18312 and later.
  • When importing registry keys from a MSIX package, some binary keys were skipped and not imported into the project.
  • The registry view has been re-designed. Registry root keys have been replaced with "MACHINE" and "USER" root keys.
  • When creating a Modification project from an existing MSIX, some files were invisible in the file view.
  • When creating a MSIX project from an existing MSIX, some imported files were not listed in the file view.
  • New auto-generation of scaled visual assets for deployment to the Microsoft Store, based upon existing image assets.
  • Alternately, the build process may use manually scaled image assets found at a custom path.


  • Digital signing failed due a missing binary.


  • Fixed a problem causing inaccurate sizing of MSIX image assets.
  • Redesigned the layout of various IDE views.
  • The Logo image control in the "Package Properties view" now displays a "100x100" px image. This change also affects the size of the "logo package image" included with the generated MSIX package. If the provided logo image doesn't match the recommended image size ("100x100" px), at build time the given image will be automatically re-sized accordingly and the generated MSIX will include the re-sized copy of the image. This behavior applies to all project images.
  • On low resolution screens, the IDE did not center within the screen working area and it did not apply the default window size properly.
  • Added a version button to the application home ribbon.
  • The help button on the ribbon now invokes help (for which documentation is not yet available).
  • Other minor fixes.

IDE installation fixes:

  • The launch when ready option may now work as expected.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Initial beta release.