InstallAware Multi Platform

New InstallAware Multi Platform Builds GUI Setups with Console Fallbacks, Ensuring 100% Successful Deployments on All (Linux) OS’s.

Unique “Mixed Mode” setups liberate users from the confines of widgets, incompatible package managers, and a plethora of distributions – successfully deploying to all (Linux) operating systems from a directly executing, single file, Native Code (no Java) binary!

San Francisco, CA, December 18, 2023 – InstallAware Software, the leader in software installation, repackaging, and virtualization solutions for application developers and enterprises, is launching InstallAware Multi Platform 1.0 on Friday this week. InstallAware is extending its two decades of thought leadership on the Windows platform to new Linux and macOS platforms, as bona fide first class citizens.

Linux platforms are legendary for their mutually incompatible and hostile package managers, such as the timeless DEB/RPM duopoly. Building a GUI installer that runs everywhere is literally impossible, because GUI widgets are also non-standard – with platforms fragmented between GTK, Qt, and others still. InstallAware Multi Platform has tackled these challenges and succeeded in generating universal installers, successfully deploying on all (Linux) operating systems; irrespective of GUI widgets or package managers.

InstallAware sidesteps the whole GUI widget issue by implementing a new Console Setup Engine, where all developer designed setup wizards render in character mode. This pure text implementation installs over secure remote shells (SSH) and Terminals (tty) too, something GUIs can never do. New “Mixed Mode” setups include both engines, with the Console taking over when the GUI does not boot for any reason.

The entire development stack is also fully native code, including PackageAware, the first and only cross-platform setup capture tool. Using PackageAware, anyone may scan the changes made to a system by a DEB or RPM package. Then, compiling the created project with InstallAware builds a Native Code, 100% dependency-free setup. A previously distribution-bound Linux DEB or RPM package may thus be liberated, and directly installed on literally any operating system; without using any intermediaries!

Of course, InstallAware generated setups are fully standards compliant. For instance, Apple Notarization of macOS setups is an innate part of the build process, whether building unattended from the command line, or the dedicated IDE. Packages are thus trusted by the operating system, guaranteeing that macOS Gatekeeper approves remote downloads, and does not get in the way of your successful deployments.

Furthermore, while nothing is hard-coded in InstallAware Multi Platform, standard application maintenance (adding/removing product features after the initial installation), repair, uninstallation, and Web Update services are included in all wizard and template generated workspaces. Setup source bits may also be cached for when original installation PKGs/EXEs/binaries have been misplaced by users. The time for Linux and macOS users to enjoy three-decades-old PC conveniences has finally come.

Developers coming from Windows will appreciate one-click rebuilds for Linux and macOS. When existing Windows projects are opened for the first time in InstallAware Multi Platform, script commands are automatically updated to conform with cross-platform standards. The setup scripts are always concise and free of platform conditionals, thanks to setup commands which intelligently adapt to underlying platforms.

Partial Web Deployment, another convenience InstallAware users have long enjoyed on Windows operating systems, is also now available cross-platform. Developers may segment setups into as many online and offline blocks as they like. These Web Media Blocks may be hosted on any standard file server, are downloaded only when required, and may be shared across setups. Multiple redundant download URLs ensure graceful recovery from Network interruptions. The offline setup itself is never required to be online.

About InstallAware Software

InstallAware Software, founded in 2003, has a laser sharp focus on bullet-proof enterprise software deployment and repackaging – now supporting Linux and macOS targets as first-class citizens, in addition to Windows. InstallAware has been recognized by multiple awards coming from Microsoft, SDTimes "Leader of the Software Development Industry", Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice, ComponentSource, WindowsITPro, among other recognition. InstallAware Multi Platform is available in a free edition for all open source developers, and in paid editions with prices starting at $1,799. For a fully functional 14-day trial and more information, visit


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