Automation Interface

InstallAware provides a powerful automation interface which provides developers with the ultimate freedom in authoring complex software installations.

Emit setup scripts programmatically

Use any programming language capable of calling Win32 DLLs, and beginning with InstallAware NX, .NET Assemblies, and beginning with InstallAware X14, Win64 DLLs; to automate the process of authoring complete setup projects. The high-level automation API gives you the full power of the InstallAware IDE from within your own applications.

Custom tailor setups

Command and conquer all aspects of your installation projects. Use the automation interface to emit complete projects from scratch, or to customize existing ones. Meet customer needs precisely and with zero overhead. Build software packages with different branding, feature sets, and installation logic; all as part of an automated system.

Web enabled automation

InstallAware's automation interface can also be accessed from web pages using the ASP scripting object. Impress your clients - dynamically deliver software installations on-demand based on user choices directly from webpages. Absolutely no manual intervention required.

ASP.NET web automation

Beginning with InstallAware NX, an ASP.NET based web automation interface is also provided to programmatically emit and build complete setup projects - all in response to end-user clicks on a web page, without any manual intervention or programming!

Also be sure to review Compiler Variables. Compiler Variables provide a very easy way to customize your setups at build-time, without the full-fledged investment of emitting complete setup projects every time using automation.