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Support Tiers

Two support tiers are available - Gold Support, and Basic Support - as listed in order of decreasing priority in the InstallAware support queue. Only clients who are running a version of InstallAware X2 or newer are entitled to Basic Support. Only clients who have selected the Gold Support option at the time of their purchase are entitled to Gold Support. All of the considerations on this page apply equally to all support tiers, including Gold Support.

Support Options

InstallAware support often goes above and over the call of duty to provide knowledgable, timely assistance to all our potential and current clients. You may access any and all InstallAware support resources, including but not limited to peer forums, email support, and phone support based on your support entitlement. Please contact your InstallAware representative if you have any questions about your current support plan and to review your available support options.

Self-Serve Options

Our products ship with extensive online documentation - just press F1 anywhere in the InstallAware IDE to receive context sensitive help. In addition to online documentation, we have an extensive collection of publications - including printable whitepapers, product guides, comparative reviews, and even community made tutorials.

If you would like us to build your installers for you, please consider hiring InstallAware Consulting Services.

Understanding Error Messages

InstallAware is based on Windows Installer technology. If you receive a numeric setup error code, such as 2343, please consult Microsoft's MSDN Library for a description of the error message. For instance, the description of error code 2343 is "Specified path is empty." This information will help you determine the location of the error in your installation project.

Generating Setup Logs

Any InstallAware setup may be logged using a command line parameter of the form "/l=c:\logfile.txt". Reviewing the log file created after an installation will often pinpoint the exact source of failure when error messages are not sufficient to diagnose an issue. With this information, you can go back to your setup project and fix the cause of the error.

Reporting Bugs

If a product is not performing as documented, you may have found a bug. In this case, it is very helpful for you to create a minimum setup project, which has no dependencies what-so-ever on your development eco-system (such as files to be installed, databases to connect to, and so forth). This minimum project must do nothing other than consistently reproduce the suspected bug. Support will then be able to investigate this minimum project, and validate the bug for escalation to InstallAware R&D for resolution.

InstallAware R&D is aggressive about fixing all bugs that reported - we have also established a track record of always being the first to support new and emerging technologies. While a bug is being resolved, support will undertake best efforts to provide you with a viable workaround in the meantime. Since InstallAware is a very versatile tool, in 99% of all reproducible errors, a workaround is possible.

Elusive Issues

InstallAware aims for the highest success rates with all of your installations on all of your target platforms - without compromise. When a defect is elusive and cannot be illustrated consistently with a minimum project as described above, you may need to prepare a virtual machine, making use of virtualization technologies such as VMware. This virtual machine must replicate your operating environment as closely as possible to be able to reproduce your issue externally. You may then send support this virtual machine for testing, and ultimately, the resolution of your issue.

5 Hours Initial Consulting

You may order an initial consulting package covering up to five hours of engineering work to have certified InstallAware engineers work on your very own setup project, coming to you straight from the source of it all.

Order 5 Hours Initial Consulting.

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The following helpful support resources might already contain the answer to your question:

  • Peer Forums - easily search our database containing thousands of posts; or submit a new question
  • On-Line Help - browse the latest help libraries for the most up-to-date documentation
  • Whitepapers - in-depth overviews of InstallAware technology and best practices

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