Transition Special Effects

InstallAware is the only installer with sliding and fading wizard transition special effects. The dialog samplers use the fading effect, while the InstallAware trial download uses the sliding effect. Try them both! You may force the fade effect using FX:FADE, or force the slide effect using FX:SLIDE, or force to disable any effect using the FX: command line parameter, either from the command line or from your scripts.

Let's face it - you only get one chance to make a lasting first impression. Wouldn't it be great if the fastest software installer was also the best looking?

It is. Please your app-savvy users with high quality, silky smooth transition effects in your wizard screens. Use fading or sliding effects, fine tune the special effect duration, and control whether the transition special effects run in the background or foreground. The special effects are compatible with all built-in and customized setup dialogs.