Dialog Designer
Win32 Tab

Dialog Designer - Win32 Tab

InstallAware ships with a powerful dialog editor. Using the dialog editor, you can customize pre-built setup themes, and also design your own themes from scratch. The full range of controls available on dialogs has to be seen to be believed.

Click each tab on the palette above to see the full range of controls available. Controls unique to InstallAware are highlighted in red.

page control
Allow user to navigate via a tabbed interface
rich text
Display RTF files, license agreements, readme information
track bar
Allow user to select a numeric range
progress bar
Display installation progress
up down button
Single step increment and decrement
Display built in Windows animation, or custom AVI file
check-list box
Useful for displaying a selectable, flat list of setup features
tree view
Useful for displaying multiple hierarchies of nested setup features

Of course, getting and setting the state of dialog controls and script variables is completely automatic. Absolutely no manual coding is required. Best of all, you can even define intra-dialog interaction between controls; for instance, disable the Next button while the License Agreement checkbox is unchecked.