User Interface Setup

Setup Themes with Mica Material, Dark Mode

InstallAware offers themes true to the meaning of the word. InstallAware's setup themes are unique and highly customized. Far from a change of colors or just supporting the latest Windows 11 appearance, setup themes bring new life to installer user interface design. Best of all, nothing in the themes below is hard-coded. Everything was built using the tools that ship with our product, and is thus fully customizable!

Below is a sample of available themes that ship with InstallAware. Enjoy them on this webpage, or click the links to download a dialog sampler that showcases each of the dialogs available in the themes. The binaries require no elevation, so give yourself the direct experience of setup user interface bliss right away!

InstallAware is the first and only installer offering a 100% automatic upgrade to the latest Windows 11 user interface. Just recompile your existing setups, and you're good to go! From rounded window corners to the shiny new Mica Material, from automatic detection of Dark Mode vs. Light Mode; all your dialogs will instantly look their best on the latest and greatest version of Windows ever. Want to manually force a particular effect on or off? You may disable Mica Material using the MICA:FALSE command line parameter, or force Dark Mode using the DARK:TRUE.

Other new Mica parameters you can try out which have been introduced in Windows 11 22H2 are MICA:ACRYLIC for an awesome grainy translucency and MICA:UNTINTED for a spectacular, heavily blurred wallpaper accent. You can try these command line parameters with all Glass enabled setup themes below, including Acrylic, Aero, Glass, Impact, Official, and of course, any other Glass enabled setup themes you may have built on your own!

acrylic theme screenshot
aero theme screenshot
alpha theme screenshot
attractive theme screenshot
bejeweled theme screenshot
bluewave theme screenshot
classic theme screenshot
emerald theme screenshot
glass theme screenshot
impact theme screenshot
modern theme screenshot
official theme screenshot
orangehue theme screenshot
plain theme screenshot
swoosh theme screenshot
titanium theme screenshot
web development theme screenshot
windows installer theme screenshot