Build Modes

In appreciation of the increasing methods and channels of software distribution today, InstallAware provides three different build methods. Use the best ones for your needs - the choice is yours. Any setup may be built for any of the following targets without requiring any changes to the setup sources. Any of the targets may be built as either an MSI or an EXE file.

cd/dvd builds An uncompressed setup layout that spans multiple directories. If media space is not a concern, CD/DVD builds offer the highest performance, since they don't have to decompress setup data first.

web builds When a web build runs, it downloads only the minimum required components from the web onto the end-user's system - including program features and component updates. Your users will not download a single extra byte that they don't need.

single file builds Ideal for offline/network installations. The entire installation is tightly packed into a single self-extracting, installing file. This single file is all that is needed to install your product.